Tsum Tsum Mobile

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This Mickey Tsum Tsum Mobile is sure to make your little ones smile.

Adding a pop of colour, it’s the perfect addition to any child’s bedroom, best of all, it’s super easy!

Head to Disney Store now to choose your favourite Tsum Tsums!

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  • Step1

    Thread your needle with wool. Pull through the top of the red part of the Tsum Tsum. Create a knot at the bottom of the wool so it doesn’t come out.

    Attach the Tsum Tsum to the wooden hoop, at different lengths. Wrap it around the wood and tie a knot, so it stays in place.

  • Step2

    Once the Tsum Tsum are attached, print out the Mickey template. Then trace and cut four Mickey shapes for each colour of card stock.

  • Step3

    Use your needle to put a tiny hole at the top of each card stock Mickey.

  • Step4

    Pull the wool through the hole and tie a small knot at the end to secure.

  • Step5

    Attach one of each colour at different lengths between each Tsum Tsum, using the same technique as above.

  • Step6

    Cut four pieces of wool that are all the same length. This will depend on how low you want the mobile to hang.

  • Step7

    Secure and tie the wool evenly across four sections of the hoop. Then gather the threads to create a knot 10 inches from the wooden hoop. Use the rest of the string to secure to the ceiling.

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